NAMI West Central Indiana advocates for support, effective treatment and education for individuals and families affected by mental illness in our community.

Our Pledge to West Central Indiana

NAMI-WCI will:

  • Continue to work actively to improve the lives of individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness and their family members
  • Remain vigorous advocates for the implementation of evidence-based practices for mental illness treatment
  • Work to establish a positive environment in which constructive attitudes towards those impacted by mental illness can flourish

NAMI-WCI’s Roadmap to Recovery

We are ready to serve as your guide because we already have traveled many of the paths in front of you. We have lived your experience. We can teach you to manage an illness and move toward recovery. We offer you information and support. We offer you an opportunity to join the continuing revolution in the scientific advance toward understanding brain disorders. Join us in the effort to ensure access to effective treatment and support for our community.

  • There is no disgrace in having a mental illness. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not a reflection of integrity or character.
  • No one is immune.
  • Brain disorders are illnesses like any other.
  • Treatments work.
  • People do recover.